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I have been trying to write something inspiring for a good hour now. (I would follow-up with a comment about not being amazing, but that’s a narrative I’m trying to interrupt for myself).  Through several sacred conversations with many of you this past week, I know a lot of us have a lot we’re processing right now. Supreme Court and Gun Control Facebook articles in themselves are enough, but frustration with how things are going in the classroom, personal challenges, and carrying feelings of loss heading into the holidays don’t make the list any shorter.

So in reflection and validation of that, I don’t have any perfect saying that will take that all away. But as I was reflecting on this past week I also kept coming back to the point that I had the privilege of seeing some AMAZING education this week. We have INCREDIBLE teachers–even when people are feeling burnt out and holding their breath for break. I want to briefly highlight just some of those things. See or hear of something you want to highlight? Leave it in the comments section or send me an email.


– Business students laughing at the “metaphor video of the day” on balance used as a brain break and key way to connect the concept of balancing equations to something memorable (want to laugh yourself:

– A counselor standing passionately in their commitment to increasing connection to SLPHS for students of color

– The Special Ed department in full flexibility mode in the face of the unexpected with calm, caring, community

– A veteran teacher on FIRE about new learning and dedicated to increasing racial equity within our system and challenging the status quo

– An English teacher utilizing students as sources of knowledge and introducing different curriculum to be more culturally relevant

– 100% engagement and students (politely) arguing over who was going to read next in an English class

– A teacher seamlessly rephrasing, probing, and delving deeper with questioning in a supportive way after a student initially responded “I don’t know” (Want some quick open- ended questions?

– A social-studies teacher co-constructing knowledge with students when asked a question, increasing engagement

– A paraprofessional providing individual, learning-based attention and assistance equitably and from a growth mindset

– A language teacher rocking gestures, key words, visual clues, repetition, and so much more that allowed students to follow-along and lower frustration levels

– A specialist correcting behavior in a calm, courteous manner for all students

– Colleagues stepping up in love and care to surround one another in support as they face a challenging time


I am so honored to work with such talented, caring, colleagues. Thank you for your passion, persistence, and love for our children.

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