About Us

Equity Coaching Model: Systemic racial equity change transpires when educators are given the space and support to critically reflect on their own racial consciousness and practice. Equity coaching provides sustained dialogue in a trusting environment to interrupt the presence of racism and whiteness. Using Courageous Conversations Protocol, tenets of Critical Race Theory, and instructional coaching methods, educators, and coaches engage in this.

We are teachers turned Equity Coaches at St. Louis Park Schools.  We are educators who are passionate about eliminating the racial opportunity gap our underserved students systemically face.

You can contact them at adams.omar@slpschools.org, baglyos.gretchen@slpschools.org, esboldt.joy@slpschools.org, gerdts.peter@slpschools.org, hudson.devrae@slpschools.org, muata.cameron@slpschools.org, reichert.sarah@slpschools.org, reyes.maria@slpschools.org, and stephens.leeann@slpschools.org.

You can follow us all on Twitter @equitycoaching



ATPPS Goal: The purpose of the SLP ATPPS  is to build educators’ will, skill and capacity to disrupt systemic racism in order to impact student achievement and experiences at St. Louis Park Public Schools.

One response to “About Us

  1. Kate

    You ladies are doing an amazing job. Thank you so much for being there for the staff at SLP! It takes a village, you two are keeping us on track to some amazing successes.

    Kate B.

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